This may sound odd but if you have a pace speeding ticket, this is your lucky day.



How we help you…

A pace speeding ticket is what we call a “bluff” ticket. Using true facts and a single government approved document, pace speeding tickets can be beaten. This is important to you because all pace tickets are based on two things; a vehicle speedometer readout, and a visual “guestimate.” We have proven that both of these “bits” of evidence can usually be ruled inadmissible in court. 


Hi, my name is Mike Hohlweg. I am the author of several speeding ticket books and a well known researcher on legal issues including: beating pace speeding tickets. I have helped over 8000 people beat speeding tickets and I may know more about pace speeding tickets than any lawyer, police officer, or judge, in this country.


The speedometer readout and the officer’s “visual pace” are the only two pieces of evidence against you. Once either one is shown to be inadmissible, there is no case against you and your ticket must be dismissed. We show you how to eliminate both! Give us four minutes to prove it to you.

Here are some true facts, unique to speedometer pace speeding tickets:


  • No officer training exists for pace tickets (judges don’t know this). We prove it and use this to make the officer’s testimony regarding the pace, inadmissible.
  • The governing body for police officers (called P.O.S.T.) does not recognize pace tickets as legitimate and does not provide training for them in any academy in the entire U.S.. Officers who issue “pace speeding tickets” do so outside of their authorized training. No judge knows this, but yours will!
  • All other methods, including easy to use (point, pull trigger, and read number) methods such as “radar” and “laser” speeding tickets, have mandatory training courses averaging 1 to 3 days in length before officers are allowed to use those devices to write a single ticket. The much more complicated process of a pace ticket has no training or certification at all. The judge does not know this.
  • The pace ticket is based on the officer’s speedometer readout. There is no court-approved method to calibrate a speedometer… and we prove it to the judge.
  • The simple truth is that unlike all other speeding tickets, the pace speeding ticket is a “bluff ticket” that only wins in court when people are afraid to contest the ticket and because they (and your judge) don’t know the facts about beating them.
  • A pace ticket is also based on “visual estimate” of speed where the officer supposedly maintains a consistent distance between his/her vehicle and yours during the “pace.” There is no training, calibration, verification or course to verify this “skill” (no judge knows this) and we prove it. We show you how to get the “pace” itself ruled inadmissible.
  • We rip every method the officer or prosecution might use to claim calibration of a speedometer. We completely destroy “speedometer shop,” “dynamometer,” “radar,” and “city mechanic,” calibration. They all fall to our research and proof strategy. We prove the speedometer is uncalibrated and its results become inadmissible against you, period.
  • If any electronic speed measurement device such as radar or lidar is out of calibration as little as 1% to 3% they are immediately sent back to a State facility for adjustment before they can be used. We show that the combined inaccuracy of the speedometer and visual pace are 10 to 20 times the level of inaccuracy of a radar unit that is considered “inadmissible.” They are both (speedometer and pace) inadmissible in court… and we prove it.
  • No person (including police officers) can accurately gauge distance during a pace. Experienced professionals who need to be sure of distances (such as photographers, carpenters and military snipers) use rangefinders, tape measures and laser measuring devices. Why, because no one is able to accurately estimate distance. Even a 15-inch measurement requires an accurate device (tape measure). When there is a multi hundred-yard gap (between an officer’s vehicle and yours) the officer can easily be off 20% or 25% off in their estimation. We give you the perfect examples to prove this.
  • There is an agency in charge of the manufacturing and “accuracy” of speedometers. This agency, which is U.S. government approved, produces a document that proves that a brand new speedometer is allowed to be 4% “out of calibration” the day it is made. Remember that a radar unit is “out of service” if it reaches 1% to 3% inaccurate. This one fact alone (we give you 16 others) will get the speedometer readout ruled inadmissible. No judge (in 200 trials of our system) has ever seen or heard of this document. It changes things from, you being on trial… to; the officer scrambling and stammering because he/she is on trial.” You get a copy of this document free as part of our system.


Here are some great questions you should be asking about our business and your ticket: What if I am nervous in court and don’t know if I can “pull this off?” We have written all questions and comments into a suggested script that you can just read from in court. Your grandmother could probably beat a pace speeding ticket with this program. If you are someone’s grandmother… it will still work. We walk you through everything with the download and access to a dozen short videos that are free to watch for 30 days with every order.


2- Is this the best system available? To date (2014) fewer than 200 programs have been sold from this website. Although a small number, these cases are the basis for our 90% win rate claim. It is a near perfect win rate but with the relatively small number of users so far, no court, judge, prosecutor, or officer, will be prepared for this defense.


3- Is there a guarantee? We offer a complete money back guarantee. If you lose in court you get every penny back.


4- Is there court precedent or case law on these issues we have uncovered? The short answer is no. This is a unique and relatively new defense strategy that uses “admissibility of evidence,” “training,” “calibration,” and “hearsay,” putting the officer and evidence “on trial” instead of you. The strategy rarely loses even though there is no long-term precedent for your court win. There is no case law yet regarding this relatively new strategy.


5- You have explained so much on this website, I am wondering if I can do this without buying the program and script”. Can’t I just do this on my own? Anything is possible but here’s an analogy: Compare this program for beating a pace speeding ticket to making a cabinet. What if a cabinet maker told you the type of wood, the measurements and a few things about a kitchen “cabinet?” Can you now build your own kitchen cabinets? Winning in court requires an exact procedure. As an example, in court, even if you ask the officer the right questions but do so “out of order”, the prosecutor or judge may object and completely stop your defense. We have taken 35 years of court experience and used every bit of it in this program. The average person who defends themselves has a 1% to 5% chance of beating a pace speeding ticket. With this program (most details of which are not discussed here), your odds are about 90% according to our past statistics*. The program covers all “what ifs” we have ever heard of in 200 real court trials. *Regardless of testimonials or past percentages, your chances of winning will depend partly on you, preparation, and the judge. No program or attorney wins every time.


6- What if I need a little extra help? You receive full email support with your program. We are not attorneys so we don’t and can’t give legal advice, we can however answer questions about the program and will help you in that way. We do not customize our defense to your circumstances nor comment on your pace speeding ticket specifics. That would be practicing law and we are not attorneys. We offer defense related research only.


7- What if I want to do a trial by mail, declaration, or affidavit? We have several templates of the defense from former clients who won their case using our research to prepare their mail in trials such as California’s TR 205 trial by declaration. We will give you two of these, for free, upon email request, after purchase. You must change obvious things such as street names and dates (or as much or little as you choose). The win rate for mail in defenses is closer to 50%, so mail in defenses do not carry our money back guarantee. However if a client loses the mail in trial and then proceeds to live court, we again guarantee the win with our full money back offer.

What do I get when I order?

The short answer is; everything you need to win. You get:


  • An overview of how illegal this type of ticket is and why they are still written. You get a PDF of the government-approved document proving speedometer inaccuracy for the judge.
  • The “read in court script,” including all questions for the officer and an outline of your.
  • Specific instructions regarding what to do if: officer no-show, and hearsay. These strategies alone beat many pace speeding tickets.
  • How to easily and completely contradict the two claimed methods of speedometer calibration they will try to use, and make them inadmissible.
  • How to use one of the judges own tricks to prove that the officer’s un-calibrated speedometer is not “partial evidence” of speeding… it is inadmissible and can’t be mentioned, period.

 Badge-4Badge-4Our 100% money back guarantee: Win in court or 100% no hassle refund


  • Don’t like reading? We give you a dozen tutorial videos showing you how to do it.
  • Full email support. Beat your pace speeding ticket so you: pay no fine, receive no points, and there is no insurance company reporting or rate hikes.
  • The only program with an honest 90%, customer feedback based, win rate on speedometer paced speeding tickets.
  • The engineering document that proves to a judge that speedometers are not accurate enough to use in a prosecution of any kind.
  • The book comes to your computer automatically and a back up copy is sent to your email account along with your password for video access for a full 30 days.

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